Rehabilitation—Functional Status Markers

The Rehabilitation—Functional Status Markers (R-FSM) is an unique tool which allows the user to graph and depict a client’s physical capacities relative to specific job demands. The specific job demands may be gathered through a formal Physical Demands Analysis (PDA), or through less formal means such as client and/or employer survey. The client’s physical capacities may be measured utilizing any accepted protocol at the discretion of the user. The R-FSM manual provides guidelines and references with regards to acceptable measurement practices. As an important part of the ROMS outcome measurement system, the ROMS Progress & Outcome Summary Graphs identifies the percentage of occupational physical demands actually met by the client. Another summary graph depicts the percentage of overall total scores of all functional domains in relation to the overall total scores of all physical demands.

The R-FSM Forms will be available for ordering on the E-Store for Professionals by September 26, 2003. The R-FSM Manual is only available by viewing or downloading it from the ROMS Portal.

Here is a description of available products:

Description Price
Rehabilitation—Functional Status Markers (R-FSM) (25 forms per pack)


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