Rehabilitation Activities of Daily Living Survey

The Rehabilitation Activities of Daily Living Survey (R-ADLS) was developed as a means to provide a simple yet effective tool to evaluate changes in functional abilities of clients brought about by various disabling conditions. In order to be as diverse in use as possible and to facilitate differential diagnosis, it was important that the form be able to address disabling conditions with one or a combination of physical, emotional and/or cognitive ramifications. Thus, it was the intent that the R-ADLS would equally apply to: (a) predominantly physically impaired persons secondary to disease or injuries sustained in industrial or motor vehicle accidents, sports, etc.; (b) emotionally impaired persons suffering, for instance from depression, anxiety and stress related disorders (related or unrelated to a physical or cognitive condition); (c) cognitively impaired persons who may have suffered from a brain disorder including for instance, head trauma, stroke or tumour; and, (d) clients suffering from a combination of the above impairments.


The Rehabilitation Activities of Daily Living Survey is a straight forward, yet sophisticated ADL measure which provides several advantages to the user. For any given client, the survey may be used for any one, or for any combination of the following purposes:

1. To provide a simple means to compare the client’s pre/post condition abilities;

2. To establish score values allowing the tracking of client change over time in ADLs overall, and across specific subdomains e.g. personal care, mobility, social and recreational activities, cognition and communication;

3. To determine the specific symptom(s) responsible for each limitation;

4. For differential diagnostic purposes, to determine the relative contribution of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms in multiply symptomatic clients; and,

5. To help target treatment and treatment modalities according to ADL limitations and corresponding limiting symptoms; and,

6. To monitor treatment outcome.

The measure takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, but likely longer for those with weak English literacy skills or other reading impediments.

Here is a description of available products:

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Full R-ADLS Kit (includes Manual and 25 Forms)


R-ADLS Manual


R-ADLS Forms (Package of 25) 


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