Recovery From Whiplash, Concussion, and Brain Injury


A Guide and Workbook for Injured Persons, Their Caregivers, and Their Loved Ones. An illustrated 275-page comprehensive easy to read book covering all aspects of recovery, including physical, cognitive, and emotional issues, with chapters on headache, pain, and sleep management and guides to managing PSTD, depression, motivational/personality barriers, work issues, and more. 14 hands-on exercises also complement treatment by helping to discover factors that may be facilitating or hindering recovery, and by providing tools to help manage memory problems, and to efficiently organize and plan time and projects.

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. brings his years of experience in both research and clinical settings, working with patients, to bring the reader an understanding of their injury, or the injury of their loved one or the person they are caring for, and to guide them through the recovery process.

This comprehensive, easy to read, illustrated 275-page book covers all aspects of recovery, from the physical to the mental to the emotional challenges and adjustments that the injured person is facing. The reader will learn about:

  • the actual mechanics of whiplash, head, and brain injuries,
  • the professionals who can help,
  • how to manage back and neck pain, headaches, and dizziness,
  • how to manage concentration, memory, and organizational problems,
  • overcoming depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, anger, poor sleep, and relationship problems,
  • how to involve friends and family in positive ways,
  • overcoming the challenges of returning to work,

And many other coping tips and strategies for a successful recovery.

Throughout the book, the reader will also find 14 hands-on exercises to assist in discovering strengths and weaknesses that can facilitate or hinder recovery, as well as tools that can be used to help manage memory problems, and organize and plan time and projects more efficiently.

This book will help the reader take an educated and active approach to recovery, and demonstrate how this change can be both positive and life affirming.

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Recovery From Whiplash, Concussion, and Brain Injury


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