Educational / Treatment Products For Professionals

RREES is dedicated to the provision of high level educational and treatment products and resources for your client population. We currently have available two educational brochure series, which aim to foster a better understanding of common symptoms (regardless of disability type), and promote a healthy coping and activity oriented philosophy. Both of these brochure series may be issued to your clients and then billed to third party payers at a retail price of your choosing.

RREES is also actively involved in developing further educational/treatment products such as a Headache Management program and Dizziness Management program. Each of these programs will offer pictorial and written guidance to enhance clients’ ability to cope with these disabling conditions. Also in development, among others, is a program entitled “A Guide to Disability and Transition” which serves to highlight aspects of the emotional adjustment process to disability onset.

For further intervention strategies related to specific or generic disability related symptoms, please see Table 1.1 of the Manual of the Rehabilitation Checklist, a product listed in the RREES Assessment Products for Professionals Page. Intervention strategy recommendations are also presented in Table 1.2 of the Rehabilitation Checklist Manual.

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