RREES is a consulting firm dedicated to providing state of the art management information and clinical educational services to the rehabilitation, insurance, workers’ compensation and public sectors. Its mandate is to continually research, develop and evolve products, methodologies and services that serve to establish and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of rehabilitation facilities.

RREES has also developed an integrated "clinical-vocational" evidence-based care model and unique related rehabilitative interventions in the brain injury, headache and vestibular populations in conjunction with closely affiliated interdisciplinary clinic, RTW Integrated Health Management (www.rtwintegratedhealth.com).  RREES research initiatives are affiliated with the Mental Health Program/Psychology Department at University of Toronto Scarborough, industry funding partner Multi-Health Systems (www.mhs.com) and national accelerate grant funder MITACS (www.mitacs.ca).

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Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. invited lecture: Outcome Guided Clinical-Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).

Outcome Measurement from Concept to Implementation

The State of Private Rehab Service Provision in Ontario

Outcome Guided Rehabilitation Part One

Outcome Guided Rehabilitation Part Two

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September 2017
Dr. J. D. Salmon, Jr. Towards an International Neuro-Justice Consortium. Invited panelist for symposium: "Neurodisability & Social Exclusion: A Need and Ways to Reduce Risk of Detention and Displacement of Young People with Brain Disorders”, International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury: New strategies to improve outcome and quality of life. Rome, September 20-23, 2017.

Neurodisability and Indigenous Criminal Justice:

Towards an International Neuro-Justice Consortium:

An FASD/Neurodisability "Eco-System" Approach:

Powerpoint Presentation:

July 2017

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) Training - Part I: Neuropathology/neuropsychology of the disorder, functional rehabilitation/life skills and wrap around OT services. Training for Minister of Attorney General funded Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto pilot FASD worker, and ALST lawyers and social work staff. Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. & H. Pickin (OT).

May 2017

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. Invited panelist for Canadian Mental Health Commission sponsored webinar, Social Enterprises: an innovative approach to creating employment opportunities for people with mental illnesses.

Clinical support pitfalls and best practice needs

Novel Social Enterprise mental health strategies

April 2017

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. Invited showcase presenter reflecting RIHM Indigenous public services/initiatives for Ontario Psychological Association Queen’s Park forum for Ontario Cabinet Ministers and senior civil servants. Content areas: www.rrees.com/rrees-research-publications-presentations/#atrisk

June 2016

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. & Howie, James. Catastrophic Impairment SABS 2016 Update. Invited Ontario-wide webinar Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association.

The Rehabilitation Outcome Measurement System: Advantages at the client, clinic and evolving best practice levels (Poster)
2016 World Congress on Brain, Behaviour and Emotions. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Rehabilitation Outcome Measurement System: Advantages at the client, clinic and evolving best practice levels (Lecture)
2016 World Congress on Brain, Behaviour and Emotions. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

May 2015

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr., Haller, S., Grimes, K., Sama, M., & Zakzanis, K. K..  Measuring Physical, Cognitive and Functional Impacts of Psychopathology: Spin-offs of comprehensive outcome measurement and shared community database.  Invited poster presentation, Global Mental Health Conference, CAMH, Office of Transformative Global Health & University of Toronto Psychiatry.

Coming / Recent Publications and Research

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr.. et al. Tentative title: Applying the WHO sustainable development goals through an Indigenous social economy lens: A reflection on conflict and human “evolution and development”. Invited chapter in M. Celinski & K. Gow, Ed. War, peace and conflict resolution.

Criminal Justice Diversion and Improving Independent Living, Educational & Vocational Outcomes of At-risk Youth/Offenders with Neurodevelopmental (including FASD) Disorders: Towards a Brief, Cost-efficient cognitive screening for K-8 and correctional institutions. This is a study for which we have recently applied for funding in association with Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, and University of Toronto Scarborough.

Common Occupational Disability Tests and Case Law References: An Ontario MVA perspective on interpretation and best practice methodology supporting a holistic model, Part I of III (Pre-104 IRB)

Health Law In Canada: Part II: Case Law, Best Practices and the Post 104 Week IRB Disability Test. Health Law in Canada, August 2016 Edition.

Health Law In Canada: Part III: Occupational Disability Determination/Rehabilitation Best Practices and the Role of Situational Work Assessment and Simulated Work/Academic Trials. Health Law in Canada, pp 59-70, May 2017 Edition.

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